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Basic Tips

The first and most important tip I can give anyone is to keep your eye on the ball at all times. Don't worry about trying to get into a good position or plan out a power shot at first. Just follow the ball and hit it anyway you can just as long as it gets to the front wall. Alot of beginners make the mistake of trying to hit the ball way harder than they have to. As a result they are reckless and tend to hit the floor or set the other player up for an easy shot. As a beginner the majority of points are scored because of a players own mistakes, not because they were out played.

Basic guidelines for selecting your shot

Somethings to remember when you select your shot. Like where is my opponent in relation to me, and where are they on the court. Basically you want to try and make your opponent chase the ball. So if they are directly behind you, hit the ball on the opposite side without hitting the side wall on the rebound. just reverse it if they are opposite of you, try and hit the ball on the other side of your body opposite of them. Those are called passing shots. Passing shots are best executed when the ball is thigh to chest high. If the ball comes at you and is chest high or higher, try to hit a ceiling shot in which you hit the ceiling first then the front wall. Try to aim so that the ball bounces approx. 4 to 5 feet in front of your opponent. This will cause the ball to bounce over their head and the will have to chase it to the back wall. Now if the ball is bellow your thigh then try to hit a kill shot. Hit the ball as low and straight as possible aim towards a corner. If done correctly the ball will bounce too low and be impossible to return.

Using Angles

In the game of racquetball angles are very important. Use them to try and trick your opponent, or set yourself up for kill shots. They may think the ball is headed for the front wall and bounce straight back, when you actually hit the side wall first and sent the ball in the completely opposite direction. The best way to become comfortable with using angles is just to play and experiment.



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