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Racquetball was first introduced to me through my mother. I was young about 10 years, and she was taking a racquetball class through the local college. I had never played any kind of racquet sport and didn't really understand it at first. We would play a game called Cut Throat, which involves three players and a method of rotating around the court so that everyone played every position. Find out more about Cut Throat in our Racquetball Rules section. Anyway after about 3 or 4 games I was hooked. I tried playing tennis after, but there was something about Racquetball that I absolutely loved. I think it was the fact that your boundaries aren't just white lines, they are walls and you can't miss them. It is a really good sport for anyone looking to exercise and have fun at the same time. Throughout the years and I played more and more. I still play often, and am always looking for great new gear, and new challenges. I hope that you would take the time to look at the information here and hopefully give racquetball a try if you have not already.

I welcome all comments and suggestions, this is still a new site and I need surfers feedback. If there is anything at all you can email me directly at support@racquetballequipmentsite.com. I will respond in a timely manner and no comment will go unread. Once again any comments are greatly welcome. Thanks for visiting and supporting this site.



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